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Golden Trailer Awards 2013: tutti i premiati

La Disney ha trionfato all’annuale cerimonia di premiazione dei Golden Trailer Awards. I Golden Trailer Awards premiano, ogni anno, i migliori trailer, spot, poster e vario materiale promozionale cinematografico. A conquistare il maggior numero di premi dell’edizione 2013 dei Golden Trailer Awards è stata la casa di produzione disneyana: “Iron Man 3” ha vinto come miglior trailer blockbuster dell’estate 2013, “Ralph Spaccatutto” quello per il film di animazione, “Monsters University” quello per il trailer più originale e il miglior spot di animazione, “Ribelle – The Brave” quello come spot tv più originale e “The Avengers” quello per il film di maggior successo.

Alcuni premi sui generis sono stati assegnati a “Spring Breakers” (trailer più trash) e a “Hit & Run” (trailer migliore del film stesso).

Tra gli altri premi, “Argo” ha ottenuto quello per il miglior trailer drammatico, “Skyfall” quello per il miglior trailer d’azione e “Una Notte da Leoni 3” ha ottenuto il riconoscimento come miglior trailer per una commedia.

Robert Downey Jr. è nuovamente Tony Stark in Iron Man 3

Robert Downey Jr. è nuovamente Tony Stark in Iron Man 3

A seguire tutti i premi di questa edizione dei Golden Trailer Awards:

Summer 2013 Blockbuster Trailer
Winner: Iron Man 3 “Not Afraid”, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Trailer Park

Best Action
Winner: Skyfall “Domestic”, MGM/Columbia Pictures, Picture Production Company

Best Animation/Family
Winner: Wreck it Ralph “Dreams”, The Walt Disney Studios, mOcean

Best Comedy
Winner: The Hangover Part III “Teaser”, Warner Bros., mOcean

Best Documentary
Winner: Brooklyn Castle, Producers Distribution Agency, Wheelhouse Creative

Best Drama
Winner: Argo, Warner Bros., AV Squad

Best Horror
Winner: Mama “Forever”, Universal Pictures, Buddha Jones

Best Independent Trailer
Winner: Silver Linings Playbook “Never Met”, Weinstein Co., Buddha Jones

Best Music
Winner: Les Miserables “I Dreamed a Dream”, Universal, Seismic Productions

Best Romance
Winner: Silver Linings Playbook, The Weinstein Co., Motive Creative

Best Thriller
Winner: Trance “Red Band”, Fox Searchlight, Motive Creative

Best Video Game Trailer
Winner: Tomb Raider “Trlr 3 Survivor”, Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics, Ignition Creative

The Don LaFontaine Award for Best Voice Over
Winner: John Dies at the End, Magnolia Pictures/Magnet Releasing, M3 Creative

Golden Fleece
Winner: Hit & Run “With Friends Like These”, Open Road Films, Buddha Jones

Most Original Trailer
Winner: Monsters University “Admissions”, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Pixar, Trailer Park

Trashiest Trailer
Winner: Spring Breakers, A24 Films, Mark Woollen & Associates

GTA’s Top of the Box Office Award for 2012
Marvel’s The Avengers, The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Best Motion/Title Graphics
Winner: Argo “Trailer”, Warner Bros., AV Squad

Best Sound Editing
Winner: Flight “Impact Review”, Paramount Pictures, Buddha Jones

Best Trailer – No Movie
Winner: Our Robot Overloards, The Editpool

Best Original Score
Winner: Skyfall “Teaser Trailer”, MGM/Columbia Pictures, Picture Production Co.

Foreign Theatrical Trailer Categories

Best Foreign Action Trailer
Winner: The Thieves, Well Go, Red Circle, Inc.

Best Foreign Animation/Family Trailer
Winner: From Up on Poppy Hill, GKids, Zealot Productions Inc.

Best Foreign Comedy Trailer
Winner: Starbuck, eOne Films, Wink Creative

Best Foreign Documentary Trailer
Winner: The Gatekeepers, Sony Pictures Classics, Wheelhouse Creative

Best Foreign Drama Trailer
Winner: Unfinished Song, The Weinstein Company, Zealot Productions Inc

Best Foreign Graphics in a Trailer
Winner: Painted Skin: The Resurrection, Beijing Enlight Pictures, Beijing Trailer Movie Culture Media Co.

Best Foreign Horror/Thriller Trailer
Winner: The Awakening, Cohen Media Group, Zealot Productions Inc.

Best Foreign Romance Trailer
Winner: The Boy Who Smells Like Fish, Alliance Films/RED DRUM/ Star Castle Distribution, Art Kingdom

Most Original Foreign Trailer
Winner: Kill Me Please, Atlantis Entertainment, Fleischmann Trailer

TV Spots

Best Action TV Spot
Winner: Fast & Furious 6 “Breathe (Superbowl)”, Universal, AV Squad

Best Animation/Family TV Spot
Winner: Monsters University “College AD Imagine”, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, mOcean

Best Comedy TV Spot
Winner: Ted “Name Game”, Universal, In Sync Advertising

Best Drama TV Spot
Winner: Lincoln “Vote”, DreamWorks/Touchstone Pictures/Participant, Wild Card

Best Foreign TV Spot
Winner: Rust and Bone “Sexy Action”, Sony Pictures Classics, In Sync Advertising

Best Graphics in a TV Spot
Winner: The Expendables 2 “Tank Review”, Lionsgate, Trailer Park

Best Horror TV Spot
Winner: Sinister “No One”, Lionsgate/Summit, Open Road Entertainment

Best Independent TV Spot
Winner: End of Watch “Sound Review”, Open Road Films, Aspect Ratio

Best Music TV Spot
Winner: Django Unchained “Unchained BET”, The Weinstein Co., Ignition Creative

Best Romance TV Spot
Winner: Safe Haven “Secret”, Relativity Media, mOcean

Best Summer Blockbuster 2013 TV Spot
Winner: Fast & Furious 6 “Breathe (Superbowl)”, Universal, AV Squad

Best Thriller TV Spot
Winner: Dredd “Big Addicted”, Lionsgate, Fishbowl

Best Video Game TV Spot
Winner: Need for Speed “Showdown Accolades”, EA Games, Industry Creative

Best Voice Over TV Spot
Winner: Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters “Brutal”, Paramount Pictures, AV Squad

Most Original TV Spot
Winner: Brave “Mothers Day 60″, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Pixar, Trailer Park

Best Action Poster
Winner: The Expendables 2: Last Supper, Lionsgate, Ignition

Best Animation/Family Poster
Winner: Life of Pi, “Mosaic”, 20th Century Fox International, The Refinery

Best Comedy Poster
Winner: Ted “Laughing”, Universal Pictures, Ignition

Best Documentary Poster
Winner: The House I Live In, Charlotte Street Films, Cold Open

Best Drama Poster
Winner: Argo, Warner Bros., AV Squad Print/Blood & Chocolate

Best Horror Poster
Winner: The Last Exorcism 2 “Backbend”, CBS Films, Ignition

Best Independent Poster
Winner: Beasts of the Southern Wild, Fox Searchlight

Best International Poster
Winner: Skyfall, Eon Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Sony Pictures Releasing, Empire Design

Best Romance Poster
Winner: Safe Haven “One Sheet”, Relativity, Works ADV

Best Summer 2013 Blockbuster Poster
Winner: Man of Steel “Teaser”, Warner Bros., WORKS ADV

Best Teaser Poster
Winner: A Good Day to Die Hard, 20th Century Fox, Cold Open

Best Thriller Poster
Winner: Trance, Fox Searchlight

Best Video Game Poster
Winner: Tomb Raider “Tomb Raider”, Square Enix, Ignition

Best Wildposts (a series of posters)
Winner: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone “Wildposts”, Warner Bros., WORKS ADV

Most Original Poster
Winner: Texas Chainsaw 3D “Special Screening Art”, Lionsgate, Ignition

Trashiest Poster
Winner: A Haunted House, Open Road Films, Cimarron Entertainment

Best Foreign Poster
Winner: Mabo, Black Fella Films, The Solid State

Advertising In Theater & On Screen

Best Pre-show Theatrical Advertising for a Brand
Winner: A Good Day To Die Hard “Go Big Regal”, 20th Century Fox, In Sync Advertising

Original/Experiential Cinematic/Movie Advertising

Most Innovative Advertising for a Feature Film
Winner: The Campaign “Cam Dollar”, Warner Bros. Pictures, mOcean

Film Festival Category

Best Film Festival Trailer
Winner: The 50th New York Film Festival, Film Society of Lincoln Center, Kinetic

Best Film Festival Poster
Winner: The Last Stand “New York Comic-Con”, Lionsgate, Ignition

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